March 26, 2009

American Idol 8 - Top 10 Sends One Home

Ruben Studdard is here to perform for us (I'll be fast-forwarding that) along with a duet by Joss Stone and Smokey Robinson and Stevie Wonder! "Finally, a blind guy who can sing!" - Joke by Andrew Goldstein. I'm pretty sure Simon and Paula are doing it.

My friend Jay Edelman immed me and told I better blog about how they lipsing their opening act. Since I saw the IM before I actually watched the show, it's all I could think about as I watched. I dont know if I am just imagining it, but they really ARE, huh??? I think it was supposed to be that way though, I'll give FOX the benefit of the doubt. I bet they recorded the song in the original Motown Record studio, it was an honor, they'd perform the song rather than sing it live, yadda yadda. Right?? Or did they really think America would believe that was a genuinely live performance?

--Fast Forward Ruben-- I can still see he's sweating too much -- Fast Forward --- STOP:

Adam is safe, duh. Matt Giruad you need to get rid of that thing on your forehead. You're still hot. HE'S IN THE BOTTOM THREE??????????? I'M BEYOND. I obviously need to start voting because I can't be THAT mad without being a hypocrite, but CMON!!!!!!!! Kris is safe, after a fake-out. Michael Sarver and Lil are up against each other. Michael is so good and knew he'd be in the bottom three and genuinely comforted Lil to take a seat. WAIT, I'M STILL NOT OVER MATT GIRAUD IN THE BOTTOM THREE. LIKE ARE YOU PEOPLE KIDDING ME?

----Joss "I wear the same outfits" Stone performs with Smokey "I undress you with my eyes" Robinson---

Allison Iraheta is safe. Noop Dogg is safe, given the mathematical formula by which they eliminate people. Danny is safe, obviously - since there are two other people left to go head-to-head: Megan and Blindy go up head to head. If it's not Blindy, I will stop watching the show. As you know, I think Megan should be bottom three, but WITH Blindy, not Matt Giraud. OK it's good. It's Blindy. He gets walked acros half-stage and is greeted by Michael and Matt, who does NOT deserve to be up there. WAIT A FUCKING SECOND. I'M FREAKING THE FUCK OUT. SCOTT MCINTYRE IS BACK TO SAFETY?!?!!? I seriously just screamed blood curling screams! Even Michael Sarver thinks Matt shouldn't be up there....and BLINDY IS SAFE??? Like SAFE. Not even in bottom two, but SAFE. HE CAN'T SINNNNNG. Now I'm in shock - I mean, Michael Sarver has just GOT to be the one to go, no??

---StevieWonder performs--- What do you think it's like when Stevie and Scott meet for the first time?
Anoop just got wild during the performance! Yea, Anoop. Wait, I'm still REALLY UPSET ABOUT MATT GIRAUD. It's like I can't even get in a good mood without remembering I was just really affected by the bottom three. I need a life, sigh. Barack Obama just got a shoutout from Stevie Wonder. Poor Ryan Seacrest. He's like "Why am I always in these awkward moments of tour guide for the blind?"

Ok HERE WE GO. THANK GOD. Matt Giraud is safe but like still in the bottom two. This is unacceptable. Not that I have a favorite yet - Matt is not necessarily my favorite - but he most certainly didn't deserve to be in the bottom two. Ok, well the judges aren't going to use their save on him. They have to wait until at least Scott McIntyre and Megan Joy are voted off before there is REAL competition. So, the fact that my DVR cut off when Simon says "I'm gonna make a decisi--" doesn't really bother me. I know they won't save him.

That's it. Bye.