April 8, 2009

American Idol 8 - Top 8 Sends One Home

Here we are people. The following is a recap with thoughts from Marissa Croughan and myself.
We're at the Top 8, where one person goes home. DRAMZZZZ.
THIS is American Idol! And FLO-rida is in the hizzy along with Kelly Pickler. She's a adorb-nation.

Why is Paula wearing gloves? She's so odd. I would watch a reality show that followed just her. Oh, wait - I think there already was one...it got cancelled.

The Top 8 are performing Can't Get You Out Of My Head....will they be lipsynching again? NO they aren't...they are actually singing. Lil is really bad. I like that they each had their little solo part...except for a few of them: Anoop, Blindy, Gokey and Kris Allen...what gives??? Anyway, disastrous performance. Adam Lambert is an obvious favorite, and while I like him, I'd like to see him NOT turn everything he sings into "whiny."

During the Ford commercial: "Where's Blindy? Driving the car?" Matt Giraud is just beyond hot to me.

Adam is so humbled by the love they are feeling for him. Oh, hey Mayor of Kalamazoo! Sup? Ok, Ryan - like, let's get started. Adam is up first, as are Kris and Anoop. Adam is SAFE. Duh. Anoop is in the bottom three and although I'm saddened, I'm happy it's not Kris. I don't want him to go home tonight though, as you all very well know.

YOU SPIN MY HEAD RIGHT ROUND RIGHT ROUND WHEN YOU GO DOWN DOWN. FloRida is kind of hot to me. I'm into the Juice look.

Danny Gokey stands up next. He...is....SAFE. He has like no patience for Ryan's attempts at suspense. It's awesome. Matt Giraud is up next and if he's in the bottom, I'll bug. GOD RYAN. Stop FUCKING with people. Matt is SAFE. Scott is up next. He's a goon. He walks right into Ryan, before Anoop takes over in helping him find a seat. Poor Scott. He really needs to go.

Bottom two girls are left: Lil and Allison. One of them are in the bottom three. I hope it's Lil. Then, I will have predicted the bottom three perfectly. Allison is made SAFE but not before Ryan fucks with her. The judges claim they would strongly consider saving someone - clearly, Lil. Again, I'd be fine with either Scott or Lil going home. Truthfully though, I'm pretty sure the top four finalists will be (in no order): Danny Gokey, Adam Lambert, Matt Giraud and Kris Allen. The rest will be gone at one point me thinks.

Kelly Pickler, you're a cutie patootie, but should have chilled out with the plastic surgery.

Here we are with the bottom three...let's do EEEET. The person who goes back to safety is Lil, so the judges shant be using their save. I really, really hope it's Scott...over Anoop. I'd want Scott to stay over Lil.

Poor Scott, I'm actually sad for him. On so many levels. He's NOT good. He's not BAD, no -- but he's NOT NOT NOT good. Also, why does he go from smiling to NOT smiling in the blink of an eye? It was two against two apparently and with a final by Simon, it's the end of the road for Scott.

End. Of. The. Road.