April 3, 2009

Some Status Updates Are Worth A Mention - 51

Look, if you don't like the minimal amount of status updates listed, you can blame yourselves. Happy Friday!!!
  • I think it would be fun to spend a night in the ER. If any of you get knifed or hit by a bus or stricken with Malaria, bring me along, OK?
  • thinks people who describe themselves as "go-getters" are the laziest people she's ever met.
  • is checking myself into rehab for "exhaustion." a k a staying in this weekend...
  • drove so much in the last two days that if I were on the east coast I would have seen 5 or 6 different states. Here... just California. And more California.
  • is given pause by the fact that at 2am he thinks he's arrived home 'early'.
  • Mom and Dad are visiting this weekend. They want to see 'the real LA.' Anyone know any good coke parties?
  • Zlata's thoughts does not want to see status updates about the rain. So instead, I am currently at the library and then going to get my haircut. Hope that helps...
  • doesn't think it's fair that short people have to deal with wet pant legs and you tall people just coast along in the rain
  • ...redneck vocabulary lesson of the day. The word is "Obama". Here it is in a sentence: when I got home I drank a beer obama self.
  • i'm curious who runs this conglomerate known as the internet?
  • is amused that someone @ work asked her what "queef" meant.
  • those people are two enzymes short of a good time