April 5, 2009

Some Status Updates Are Worth A Mention...on the weekends

  • interesting flight sightings this weekend: mountaha from the bravo supmodel show, now bobby brown and the band Foreigner. odd.
  • is being followed by a drunk old homeless man who keeps screaming "Jiggle it, baby! Jiggle it!" But she only jiggles after a third date
  • Wants to go back to go to the old days when people called one another on the phone instead of texting, Iming, Emailing.....Im really starting to hate texting
  • has a nice day boner
  • left wallet on top rental car at gas station. good samaritan chases us down in car to give back. breeze thru airport security. flight 1 hour delayed. KARMA has a sense of humor.Literally
  • Cleaning out my Closet while listening to Eminem's "Cleaning out My Closet." I finally get it.does not understand women who wear stockings and open toed shoes... Um, no!
  • Chinatown looking at Chinese peopole, with a white kid who used to think he was black...me being the colored kid who acts like a white kid...I think we are all a bit confused.
  • Sorry NKorea. It's not a successful launch if your rocket falls in the ocean and the world hates you just a little bit more. Now can we have our reporters back?
  • How does the Easter bunny stay healthy? With plenty of Eggcerise.
  • is at the bronx zoo visiting my sister..ha
  • is officially senile. I burned my hand...and I have no idea when or how.
  • is goo-goo, gah-gah over my new 42" HD TV
  • is craving Tortilla Flats. Something about good weather screams enchiladas verde and a good margarita.
  • day drinkin is a bad idea
  • To the sadist who designed route 3 near Secaucus: frick you
  • is making dinner in the kitchen: marinated chicen and some egg noodles. Yes I am single AND I cook (sort of).
  • is getting real annoyed by the little kid running back and forth upstairs. Hope he trips and falls that will teach him not to run in the house.
  • Spanish Channel sports comentators are so much cooler than their English counterparts.... Gooooooooooooooooooooooooal!