April 18, 2009

There's a reason people say "Men are Dogs"

So Marissa's dog, Score, is visiting Hoboken for the weekend.  I love having him here, obviously, since I'd like a doggie of my very own.  Earlier today, the three of us went for a little walk, and while Mar was in the grocery store, I took Score around a few blocks. 
I have to tell you, and maybe this sounds crazy, but I'm really mesmerized by what a dog's stream of conscience consists of.  When Chowder was in Hoboken, he didn't necessarily need to stop at every fire hydrant or cable pole he waddled past.  But Score, perhaps innately curious because of his breed, is the exact opposite.  
While he proceeded with the "sniff and pee" routine, I couldn't help but think about the oddity of it all. Imagine it was like this with humans? Aside from perfumes and colognes (and the hygiene-challenged,) human beings don't really have a distinct scent to one another. Yes, I believe we do have a certain "smell" that can be picked up by dogs, etc. - but definitely not by one another.  While I do think there are exceptions to this, it's pretty a fact I'm going to stick by. 
In any event, I started thinking about the similarities between men and dogs.  What's so different about a dog marking its territory with their urine, from a man marking his territory with his....well, you know.   I'm not saying a man "claims" every woman he's been with - but there is most certainly a sense of territorial feelings. I reckon in conversation between a bunch of guy friends, discussing various girls of their past, a man would most likely say, "Yea, I've done that [her] before," with a sense of pride (unless she was atrocious.) 
And so, to the men out there who are so quick to tout their latest victories at the expense and exploitation of women, I'll say this:  "No one has ever choked to death by swallowing their pride."

Over and Out.