June 4, 2009


I only write about topics I think will interest you. That said, given the intense response to my ZINGLES, I can see there are a lot of single youngens who have yet to find the love of their lives. Well, I’m going to introduce you to another outlet….once again giving props to a former colleague of mine.

MatchMarathon is a new way to meet singles! It’s an event designed to eliminate the frustrations of dating, and saves you time and money. How? You’re in a room with hundreds of pre-screened singles, where you anonymously identify and choose up to 24 people you are interested in. You’ll then find out who among them is mutually attracted to you – all before the mid-point of the event. The remainder of the time is left for you to explore which of the peeps you’d like to see again. For $40, you get multiple first dates in one night and an hour of open bar. Actually, that hour of open bar, for me – given my zero-alcohol tolerance – would probably ruin any and all chances of appearing as a classy bachelorette. Whoops.

MatchMarathon is launching on June 10th, with a blow-out party at Touch (405 W. 57th Street b/w Columbus and Amsterdam.) However, advance registration is required and space is limited, so visit MatchMarathon now to sign up and use the referral code “Yanks8”

I’m into this idea!!! Who’s gonna go?!?!