June 3, 2009

Mingle with Today's Zingle


  1. First name Kelly
  2. Location 14th Street
  3. Where are you from originally? Weston, CT
  4. What do you do for a living? Lawyer. But I have a life, I swear.
  5. Night Owl or Early Bird? Night Owl (giggity).
  6. What do you consider your best attributes? Easy going. Outgoing. And of course my smashing good looks and impeccable charm :)
  7. What are the most important things you’re looking for in a person? Smart, funny, outgoing. (I’m so cliché) Sigh, tough question.

A LITTLE DEEPER (That’s what she said)

  1. How long has it been since your last relationship ended? Over a year.
  2. Have you ever been on a blind date? Yes.
  3. What did you do last weekend? Fire Island.
  4. Do you believe the glass is half empty or half full? There is no good way to answer this question.
  5. If you won the lottery, how would you spend your millions? Pay off law school loans, travel a ton, buy my mom an apt in the city so she can cook for me all the time. Then probably do what I’m doing now.
  6. What would your closest friend say is your worst habit? smoking - eep!
  7. Unexpected company drops by. Is your place neat but lived in, or “under construction?” Neat.
  8. In a disagreement, what’s the biggest priority: Mutual understanding, resolution, acceptance or identifying the issue Mutual understanding on the way to acceptance. More importantly, where did this question come from?! Myers-Briggs?
  9. Where do you see yourself in five years’ time? OBviously arguing in front of the Supreme Court as a bad a** attorney! And playing with babies. Maybe my own.
  10. Who was your hero as a child? Does Ned Lamont count? Otherwise parents, Kevin from Wonder Years and Maya Angelou.
  11. What luxury item would you take on a desert island? (insert Dwight quote from The Office here.) iPod. Sunscreen.
  12. Favorite meal to cook? Stuffed artichokes, mushrooms and peppers. With Italian meats and cheese. And chicken marsala.
  13. Describe your perfect Sunday morning. Brunch in the west village. (At a place that’s not crowded. A girl can dream…) Read New York Times. Walk to Central Park. Play some volleyball. Drink some draft beers. Walk some more. Dinner outside in the east village.
Zlata's thoughts on Kelly: Honestly, I just read her questionnaire for the first time while I was putting up this post, and I'm pretty sure that I have a crush on her. (Giggity) No but seriously - I was introduced to Kelly through a mutual friend and she's definitely the life of the party, with a serious-when-needed clause. After spending three days and two nights with her in South Beach for said mutual friend's Bacheorette party, I can honestly say that she is one of the coolest chicks I know.
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