June 20, 2009

Really, American Idol? Really?!?

Ok, I don't want to say that I'm OVER American Idol, because that would be simply ridiculous. But, I have to say - I'm quite annoyed with runner-ups essentially becoming the Idol, rather than the actual winner. Adam Lambert's version of the AMERICAN IDOL SINGLE "No Boundaries," was just on the HitList channel. I mean, really? Shouldn't it be Kris Allen who popularizes that horrific song?
I'm not an idiot - I realize Adam Lambert is more marketable and more popular, but let him do an original song then. What's with this "No Boundaries" bullshit? And where the fuck has Kris Allen been? The same shit happened with Clay Aiken. He gained more notoriety than Ruben Studdard -- what gives? Let's make this fair, American Idol. If there's a winner, put them in the spotlight. I mean, isn't that what VOTING is all about?
It's just really pissing me off right now.