June 9, 2009

Some Status Update Are Worth A Mention - 62

  • Rainy days should be spent in bed with your head on a hairy daddy chest watching great movies. Plain and simple.
  • who angered zeus last night?
  • SHOCKED by the number of people writing about the rain!
  • my crush on Zack Morris continues to live on strong
  • someone violated the sacred "walk on the left" rule on the subway escalator this morning. After a group stoning things resumed moving along just fine.
  • is paddling down the 34th street river to get to work
  • "Um, hi God? It's me, Revi...WHAT'S WITH THE BIBLICAL AMOUNTS OF RAIN???"
  • is on the verge of liver failure
  • "You can't make an omelet without breaking eggs." - Robert Moses