June 29, 2009

Some Status Update Are Worth A Mention - 72

  • Back by popular demand :) You know what really grinds my gears? How come when you're speaking to someone who has stinky breath and offer them gum/mint- (and even pop one yourself so that it's not obvious THEIR breath stinks)- they say "no thanks, I'm okay." Really?! You're N-O-T okay! Take the gum. And three steps back. Thank you.
  • when the hell did michael jackson die?
  • you know your in America when the line to Sonic is a mile long and gym parking lot is empty
  • ahh sun, reminds me that I like my car, the way I like my women, top down
  • Two classic joey-ism's happened last night: I got unacceptably drunk on a school night and I got married at the bar. Questions, comments..concerns?
  • To all my friends and family: will everyone please slow down down with the engagements, weddings, and kids...youre making me sad b/c i feel even more behind not even having a girlfriend at 27 yet....everyone wait so i can catch up!
  • If every day flew by like today has, I'd have to fire my psychiatrist!!! Today has been the best Monday ever. Fast. Busy. Steady. Successful. Stunning. Flawless.
  • Why do people request to be added as your friend and once you approve the request they never talk to you? I dont get it. It's like people just want you to be aware that they are aware that you are on facebook WTF!
  • McMahon, Fawcett, MJ... now Billy Mays... apparently God got sucked into one of those, "Buy 3, get on free" deals on TV...
  • Billy Mays, thank you for the Handy Switch! (I own two). Ill miss you screaming at me at three in the morning.
  • is practicing not giggling when she walks into the gardening store to ask for an action hoe.