August 3, 2009

Dial Challenge For My Single Male Readers

hot man soaping up zlata thoughtsI have a challenge for my male single readers. I will buy five men Dial's new Men Magnetic Attraction Enhancing Body Wash, in exchange for them keeping a "journal" of their success.

This new "pheromone-infused" wash apparently boosts sex appeal and confidence through traces of synthesized pheromones, which - as you know, are supposed to help men attract women (NOT the other way around, mind you.)

According to Dial’s brand manager, Ryan Gaspar, “We don’t claim using our product you’re going to hit a home run. We say, ‘We’ll get you to first base.’”

Well Dial, you intrigue me. I want to see if you really work! I CHALLENGE YOU!

If you're a single man (I don't care where you live) and are interested in testing out the success of this product - and logging the results in a very detailed manner, shoot me an email!