August 9, 2009

I'm OVER the YouTube "Dance Down the Aisle" Video

With all my blog entries, I try to keep my audience informed of the latest happenings through trend research. I always welcome and appreciate suggestions from my readers, but don't always take them.
Recently, my friend Jay asked me if I was "in the know" about the newest YouTube phenomenon: The dance to Chris Brown down the aisle - aka: JK Wedding Entrance Dance (NOTE: I've linked you - I have no interest of publicizing any other way on my blog.)

I assured Jay that I have seen the video, but wasn't interested at all in blogging about it, mainly because I think the video SUCKED. Why, do you ask? Well, it didn't have the essential element that ALL successful viral YouTube videos should have: The Answer to "Yeah...And??" I mean, I watched the video and was bored less than two minutes in. I kept watching to see if someone was going to fall, if there would be an awesome audience integration or anything that presented me with a climax (NO PUN INTENDED.) But alas, there was no climax -- it just sort of ended. And I had NO answer to the question, "Yeah...And??" It stinks. The video is dumb. Pointless to watch. Who CARES if people dance down the aisle if no one falls, passes out or creates a conga line out of the Church? What is the point???

Certianly, this video didn't warrant over 18 million views - though KUDOS to them nonetheless.

And those are my thoughts on that.