August 5, 2009

Some Status Update Are Worth A Mention - 75

  • I hate weddings because old people always poke you and say, "You're next". So I started doing the same shit to them at funerals!
  • What does a MOFO sweat like...cause I am sweatin like a MOFO!!
  • SOUNDBITE: "Wind Beneath My Cheeks" by Butt Midler
  • dear baby...thank you for staying in my belly long enough for me to take this last mommy.
  • K folks....I know I've been saying this for years but......enUFF with men and the skinny jeans.....unless you are a pre-op male-to-female trannie, they can't at ALL be comfortable and look retarded. Put some "sag" in your bag and keep it movin'..........
  • rode a camel into work today in celebration of hump-day
  • no paula on AI? it aint right!!!! who else will be entertaining with nonsensical babble?
  • DEEPTHOUGHTS: I literally find every day to be a blur of the same exhausting, tiring, annoying nonsense that I literally had no idea what day today's GROUNDHOG DAY!!!!! I hope I get to see more people have meltdowns on the train, or on the street or even at work. It's fun getting to see people act do the dirty work for me.
  • After witnessing a woman having a meltdown on the train this morning, I realized and am happy to know and see someone else as miserable as I am. Always makes me smile when I realize I am not alone in my loathing of the entire process of the daily commute. Misery certainly loves company.....just don't sit next to me....or talk to me, thx.
  • "I was watching Ace Ventura over the weekend. It got me thinking. If the Colts were in the Super Bowl, and Peyton Manning was kidnapped 4 days before the game, would the NFL cancel or postpone the game, or would they still kickoff at 6:18 PM Super Sunday with Peyton Manning missing?"