August 14, 2009

Some Status Update Are Worth A Mention - 77

  • thinks seeing kids in restaurants is a highly effective form of birth control.
  • Parents really freak out when you take off your shirt and jump in the children's fountain at the park with their kids
  • is spending her day off dreaming of two things. 1) a vacation and 2) Antonio Sabato Jr.
  • Forget healthcare, just paid $81 for drycleaning. Drycleaning free and for all!
  • Tried to become Jason Stackhouse at the gym. can't move my arms.
  • doesn't know what's a more heinous crime - dogfighting or being affiliated with the Philadelphia Eagles. Whammy!
  • two weeks out of the dealership and some bitch drives into my car at 40mph! Ain't life grand...