August 5, 2009

TV TimeZ and Casting CallZ

This actually has the potential to be funny, no?
Starting tomorrow, IFC premieres a original musical miniseries called BOLLYWOOD HERO, staring Chris Kattan. It will air over three consecutive nights, this Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 10pm. The series centers on Kattan, who basically plays himself as an actor fed up with Hollywood and takes o na starring role in a Bollywood film called "Peculiar Dancing Boy." It's show on location in Mumbai, India and co-stars Maya Rudolph, Julian Sands, Neha Dhupia, Pooja Kumar, Ali Fazal and Rachna Shah. Guest stars include Keanu Reeves, Jennifer Coolidge and David Alan Grier.

NBC has a new show, The Marriage Ref. Jerry Seinfeld is seeking married couples who bicker about the little things. Send a photo and a passionate but brief description of your squabbles to