August 4, 2009

TV TimeZ

Paris, like, if you haven't found a BFF in three seasons or 27 years of life, you're probably just not BFF-able, right? For those who care, the finale of this show is on MTV tonight at 10pm.

Coming up...
E! introduces a new reality series called Reality Hell that pokes fun at current TV reality show formats. The show will use actors who try to fool unsuspecting people into thinking they are appearing on a real reality show. It'll be eight episodes and begins August 16th at first, changing to Sundays at 10:30pm thereafter. So let me get this straight, there's a Reality Show about Reality Shows, that isn't REALLY a Reality Show about Reality Shows?

More importantly, MORE TO LOVE is on at 9pm on FOX, NYC Prep at 9pm on Bravo, followed by Miami Social.