August 15, 2009

What will RIM think of next??

I LOVE me some gadgets and gizmos and wish I had all the money in the world to buy myself every last one, but alas -- I have rent to pay. Blackberry phones have been very generous with applications you can find on AppWorld, with most of them being free of charge. Most applications are made to make your everyday life easier.

Well now they're really gettin' jiggy with it. Soon, RIM is coming out with a WATCH (yes, a wristwatch) that's connected via Bluetooth to your Blackberry. So instead of digging through your purse or into your jean pocket to find and check your phone, you can now just take a peek at your watch for any new emails, texts, BBMs, GChats, etc.

Well guys, I guess that kills the whole "call me in half an hour and make up an excuse for why you need me home" if you're on a bad date thing. You'll just get caught looking at your watch and saying, "Welp, gotta go - roommate just texted me that she's locked out," leaving the girl dumbfounded and perplexed by how you think you can get away with that one. Ya dig? You'll just look like a douchebag.

Now, apparently you'll also be able to download music and videos to this fantabulous new wrist watch. While at first I didn't understand the purpose in that, I read on to find out there will be accompanying Bluetooth headphones. Ok then. Items that will be come obsolete in 2010? 1. Wristwatches 2. iPods 3. Your social life.

There has been no release date on this yet, but if I have a boyfriend at the time it comes out, that's the first present he's gonna get.