September 17, 2009

New Prototypes for Facebook!

Get ahead of the game by activating new prototypes on your Facebook. Sure, they're in beta testing, but after some tweaking and feedback, they're sure to go live. However, as with Google Labs, these are all experiment-based and can be taken down at anytime.

Here's what I have for you.

  1. I already told you about the Desktop Application for Macs
  2. Similar Posts allows you to find posted content that is already on your home page. This is a good tool for people looking to track specific fodder
  3. Enhanced Event Emails attach an iCal file with your event invitation. Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook friendly!
  4. Photo Tag Search allows you to find photos based on who is tagged in them. Um hello -- can we say STALKER-FRIENDLY?!?!?
  5. Recent Comment Filter puts a new view on your News Feed that surfaces posts as they are commented on