September 17, 2009

TV TimeZ

I'm SO excited for Thursday night line-ups I can hardly contain myself!

Tonight on NBC, look forward to:
- 8:00pm: Saturday Night Live Weekend Update Thursday
- 8:30pm: Parks & Recreation
- 9:00pm: The Office
On the FX Channel is the long-awaited season premiere of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, beginning at 10:00pm

Now let's talk about Glee last night. I mean - SO GREAT! I absolutely love the sporadic breakout-in-song technique that you won't find in any other television show. For now, I'm just entertained, not necessarily enthralled or waiting with baited breath for next week's episode. There were some really awesome jokes in the show, so kudos to the writers! Did anyone else notice the familiarity of the dance instructor? It didn't take Marissa and I long to realize who he is and where he's from -- did you figure it out?

His name is Whit Hertford and though I know he's been in several different roles throughout the years, our immediate thought was Full House! Remember? He was Michelle's friend Walter on the show and they made fun of him using the nickname "Duckface." Awwww, poor guy -- he hasn't changed a BIT!

And that's what's up.