October 17, 2009

Facebook makes it impossible to play hard to get

Women are funny. Even at the dating ages of 25-40 somethings, they still appreciate a good first date outfit critique. There are certain "rules" women are told about the way men will react to certain aspects of a female. Wardrobe, certainly, is the first impression a man receives when meeting a lady for the first time. But as a wise man once said, "You're greeted by your appearance and bid adieu by your personality." Interesting thought, no?

In the days after your first date, there are also "rules" you were encouraged to abide by. Therein commenced the game playing. The game is called Who can play hard to get better? Nowadays, the game is impossible to play. In the past, should someone want to go rogue, it was easier to do so. Don't feeling like calling a someone back? No problem! They had no idea where you were, who you were with or even what you were doing. That was back in the day. Back when students actually used books to study and pencils to take exams.

Now? Not so much. With Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter, GChat, etc - there's just no way to give a man the impression you're much too busy to call him back or to play hard to get. Take a Saturday night with the girls for instance. You really want your Facebook status update to read "Out dancing on bars with my ladies!" but then your crush knows exactly what you're doing, instead of wondering if you're out on a date with someone else. On the otherhand, if you are stuck at home with absolutely no plans, no one would be the wiser if you just created one for yourself on Facebook. Afterall, doesn't everyone believe everything they read on that site?

From the opposite viewpoint, social media opens up the door to paranoia for insecure women.

  • "Why didn't he call me back? I KNOW he's just sitting on the couch watching a movie! His Facebook status says so!"
  • "Why didn't he email me back? I can SEE he's on Gmail -- Look, there's the green dot near his name; that means he's signed on!"

So what are the new dating rules for the age of social media?

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