October 11, 2009

If we're Facebook friends, say HI!

facebook-etiquetteHere's something I thought of the other day - MySpace and Facebook friendships. I mean, I don't accept your request unless I know you. Many people share in this etiquette. But did you ever see someone you know on the streets, on a train, in a store, etc. and try your hardest to steer clear? It's never anything personal (yea right), but you just don't have the time for a little "catch up." Now take a moment and think about the person you recently did this to. I'm confident that it's been within the past two weeks. Now let me ask you a question. Is this person either your MySpace or Facebook friend? [insert poll here] That's what I thought. I bet your answer is yes. So if people are good enough to be your MySpace or Facebook friends in the far away galaxy of Internet, why can't we just all have the decency to give a little nod next time we brush shoulders. That will make the world a better place. Think about it. And, pay it forward.