October 6, 2009

Out of Order Escalators

So, I had an appointment at Louis Licari in the city today. After the PATH train ride, I hopped my hiney on the V train and got off at 53rd and Fifth.
For anyone who knows this stop, there's about 150 stairs (no exaggeration) to get out onto the street and two escalators on either side of said stairs, one going up and one going down.
Well, today one of the escalators wasn't working. The one going UP. Let me ask you something, is it not easier to walk down 150 stairs than walk up them?? Who would be so evil as to not switch the working escalator to go UP rather than DOWN?
I'm not lazy, I assure you. But, after walking up these Spanish Steps, I couldn't feel my thighs.
I get it, I should go the gym. That's not the point of this blog, however. The point is WHY would the managers of said station allow for such a thing? What about the elderly?

And those are my thoughts on that.
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