October 19, 2009

Smarty Samsung promotes self-whoring

When I was in high school, there was no such thing as digital cameras, let alone an outlet like Facebook to share pictures. When I look at the Facebook pictures of the younger people I'm friends with, most of them are just self-portraits or poses of self-taken pictures.

Well, leave it to Samsung to really help people whore themselves out. If you haven't yet seen the commercials for this genius new camera, I'll enlighten you. Samsung came out with a camera that has a viewfinder on the FRONT of the camera as well as the back, allowing you to see what you're taking a picture of when you've turned the camera on yourself. It also has funny little images you can use to catch the attention of let's say, a baby, if you're trying to get them to smile.

It's amazing -- all the marketing department of Samsung needs to concern themselves with is how to further promote America's need to fulfill vanity-based desires.

Well done, Samsung. Well done.

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