October 2, 2009

Some Facebook Status Updates are Worth a Mention - 84

Below are the Facebook status messages that made the cut for October 2, 2009:

  • Chicago shouldn't get the Olympics until the Cubbies can win it all...Also, are we really supposed to care about 2016? Mayan calender ends in 2012, so you lose Rio!
  • Aaaaand then there are days like today when I'd very much like to get my headhunter on the phone.
  • I think it's funny that I am borrowing my 4 year old's headband...
  • Mirror, mirror on the wall, why the eff won't you do what I want at all?
  • I'm glad Chicago is not getting the Olympics because I hate America. Respond accordingly.
  • is watting for the first joke to be made about David Letterman
  • is selling her car in order to pay for all the drinks she's gonna have tonight. Just kidding. No, but really I'm selling my car. Message me for details
  • if she was president she'd be babe-raham lincoln
  • Can't believe not 1 person agreed w/me when I said "20 yrs old is too young to be married!" on air today
  • Anyone up for a field trip to Rio in 2016?
  • Can't wait for Letterman's top 10 tonight! Feel free to come up witth some. Here's my contribution. "Who do you have to fuck to work for Letterman?"
  • "Every Saturday Rap Attack, Mr. Magic, Marley Marl. I let my tape rock 'til my tape popped." RIP Mr. Magic http://tinyurl.com/y9p32yn
  • Fox News is to news as David Letterman is to monogamy.
  • just learned that it's nipping in the BUD not BUTT!
  • My roomate won't admit he's gay, but he DVRs "Glee." What to do...
  • can not stop singing Tardy for the Party
  • a guy on the street just told me I'm 'so beautiful I'd pick up your dog's poop for you.' well aren't you a charmer, sir.
  • is at the top of 30 Rock watching the sunrise.