October 13, 2009

Steve Wilkos has a TV Show???

Now that I'm not sitting across from Chris Kooluris at Ketchum any longer, my daily dose of "He's NOT the father" from the Maury Povich show, is severely missed. I was never a huge fan of trash TV, but when the hype surrounding Jerry Springer was large and in charge, I'll admit that some sick days from school were spent watching that trash.

Being unemployed gives you time to do important things like update your blog more frequently (check!) exercise (um....) read (check!) and watch trash TV (check!) While scrolling through the channels just now, I saw that Steve Wilkos, the bullshit BODYGUARD from The Jerry Springer Show has his own forum for opinion.

Are you fucking kidding me??? How does this douchebag have a TELEVISION SHOW?? I'm seriously in awe.

I would be way funnier.