October 24, 2009

Things Found in a Winter Coat

If I was ever on Family Fued, and the category was "Things You Find in a Winter Coat" - I'd dominate that category! Now that the weather is officially changing to much colder days, I took some time out of my busy unemployed schedule to do the "closet switch." Along with the closet switch comes taking your winter coats out of hiding. Usually, you're not doing that in October yet, but seeing as how cold it's been in New York lately, I definitely have put them to use already.

Every year when I dig out my winter coats, I'm excited to discover what treasures I'm going to find deep within the pockets. Anything you find is almost like a tiny time capsule, ready to flood back memories of the last time you wore the coat.

Items I've found in my winter coat jacket pockets so far:
  • Six different Metrocards, totaling over $40
  • A $10 bill
  • Two business cards from a meeting
  • Manicure punch card
  • A green lighter
  • Room key at The Delano
What have YOU found in your coat pockets this season?