October 8, 2009

TV TimeZ

Some of the TV Shows coming out just blow my mind.

BET Network is working with NFL quarterback Michael Vick on a new docu-series about his return to football after he spent 18 months in federal prison after being convicted for illegal dog-fighting and related criminal activities, cites The Los Angeles Times. Eight episodes are planned and the project is tentatively titled The Michael Vick Project. It's like, I get it - this could be rather interesting to watch - BUT really?? He gets his own television show??? I do think he served his time and should be welcomed back as a working member of society, since reform is the point of prison, right? [insert sarcasm here.] But how the EFF does this dude get his own show? I want MY own show.

Former 24 and Lipstick Jungle star Kim Raver is joining the cast as a recurring character on ABC's Grey's Anatomy. Kim will play a new surgeon and likely love interest for Kevin McKidd's character. Raver's role begins with Grey's Anatomy's ninth episode on November 12. I am not interested in the doc and Cristina breaking up. Why is she going to ruin their relationship?!

NBC: Community, Parks and Recreation, The Office (9-10pm wedding special!)
ABC: Grey's Anatomy
Bravo: Don't be Tardy for the Party over with The Real Housewives of Atlanta
CW: Vampire Diaries