January 13, 2010

American Idol Season 9 | Auditions Day 3 and 4

Atlanta, GA - Day 3 and 4

Keia Johnson - Mary J. says this girl can sing, but I don't really think she's that good. Also, why is Kara such a bitch this season? She has a bit of arrogance that wasn't there last season.

I'm going to just say this again. Kara is being SUCH a bitch.

Vanessa Wolf jumps bridges and looks like heroin addict. I cannot believe people live like this. Jumping off bridges, not going to the mall or the movies. Getting her dress for $4.50 at the dollar store. I'm really just sitting here with my mouth open. I think I need to drive cross-country and really experience America. That's seriously something I want to do. Vanessa makes it through and instead of going to Hollywood, I really think she needs to take a class or two in English. "I'm gonna take a trip on an aero-plane" What bothers me is that they are sending through a country singer type when in all previous seasons, they didn't want someone who can ONLY sing one genre.

Jesse Hamilton almost died three times apparently and American Idol showcases each way through "cheap dramatizations." I'm upset with the way the judges are ridiculing this inbred.

Mallory is a cutie patootie with a great voice!

Skibo Sky 4 life. Who knew he was going to be this good?! "Even with the dollar store. You get everything you want. And it only costs a dollar."

I don't think it's fair to the auditioners for Simon to just walk away. I don't understand why that's okay. Like, you're a judge on the show. Sit the eff down. Also, please note: When Simon leaves, I leave with him. This will be my last season of American Idol. Word.

Bryan Walker, a police officer from Tennessee, does a really great job during his audition and makes it through.

Lamar Jones singing Seal's Kiss by a Rose was like listening to a walrus taking a dump. Excuse my French. Why does he think he's a good singer? He is pissed off for not making it through and is cursing like a maniac. "Who the fuck is Kara? I wish Paula was here."

General Larry Platt sings Pants on the Ground. Haven't heard of it yet? Here it is: