January 28, 2010

Rutgers Sorority Girls Arrested for Hazing

Wasn't hazing cool back in 1980? Though the sorority isn't one of the "Rutgers Finest", sisters of Sigma Gamma Rho were accused yesterday of paddling pledges on the butt so severely they were not able to sit. One girl even went to seek medical attention at Robert Wood Johnson, after being hit on the butt over 200 times. The pledges were also denied food.

This sort of reminds me of a relationship I used to be in. I kid, I kid.

The girls arrested:
Llana Warner, 20, of the Bronx
Vanessa Adegbite, 21, of Jersey City
Joana Bernard, 21, of West Orange, N.J
Kesha Cheron, 20, of Newark
Shawna Ebanks, 21, of East Orange
Marie Charles, 21, of West Orange