February 24, 2010

American Idol | Top 12 Females

Truth be told - I haven't watched American Idol in a few weeks - shocking, I know. That said, I don't really know any of these contestants' backstories, judgments, etc. I'm going to review this based on talent alone. I usually like to know what the contestants are about -- but you know, I didn't have time to watch TV, yo. I don't have a "frame of reference" as Kara puts it. America knows these contestants. Zlata doesn't. Alrighty then. Let's do this mother.

So top 12 females are up -- first day you can actually vote. Let's see what these bitcheZ got.

Paige Miles, 24 - Naples, FL
Singing: It's Alright Now
I don't think she's good. She has a really weak beginning and there's absolutely no pickup and she's singing incoherently. Fact: I'm fast-forwarding this chick. I mean, I don't even care what the judges think.

Ashley Rodriguez, 22 - Chelsea, MA
Singing: Happy
I'm into her style - but not into her singing. She's uber-nervous. I don't FEEL it. Fast-forwarding. Not even listening to judges. (am I over this show?)

Janell Wheeler, 24 - Orlando, FL
Singing: What About Love
She's adorable at first look. Great body, good outfit and charismatic. I loved her Hollywood audition (from what they showed.) Her arrangements are extremely interesting and gives her a completely different persona. I am really into her! She looks really comfortable up on stage and I want my teeth to be as white as hers.
Randy didn't like the song choice. I completely disagree. Ellen thought it was a good song choice and though she missed a few notes, she sang it really well. Simon thinks she had a 65% delivery, after showcasing herself as overly confident. Simon thinks she's going to survive,nonetheless. Kara likes her, but thinks the song was too big for her.

Lilly Scott, 20 - Denver, CO
Singing: Fixing a hole.
First of all, why is this girl living out of her car and on the streets? I didn't know that. That's crazytimez. Ok, so she's not terrible. She's missing a few notes and I'm not really into the choice of song, but she's definitely a little different than many contestants I've seen so far. She clearly distinguishes herself from the others with her style - both fashion and music.
Ellen thinks "this is what we're talking about." And then basically says everything I just wrote above. Seriously. Everything. I should be a freakin' judge. Simon thinks she's the best they've seen so far, but isn't feeling a lot of 'star power' right now. Kara thinks she's "believable" and says the best thing to do as an artist is to "Stand on the street and busk for money." Really Kara? Is that what you did in order to get where you are? Or did you busk on your knees Randy's opinion never really matters.

Katelyn Epperly, 19 - West Demoines, IA
Singing: Oh Darlin'
She's adorbsville without the makeup and I'm not really sure what the getup is all about it. It takes away from her pure nature. I mean, she's only 19. It doesn't "fit" her. This is NOT her image. Nonetheless, her singing is amazing! I'm really into it.
Simon likes her, regardless of the messiness of her song. Kara says she knows her voice very, very well. Kara agrees with me about the natural beauty. See, it's something important, yo. Randi is into her and digs her whole vibe. "I think you can go places and do stuff." IS THAT WHAT YOU GET PAID THE BIG BUCKS TO SAY, RANDY? Is that what you call judging??? Honestly. Ellen is into her as well.

Hayley Vaughn, 16 - Fort Collins, CO
Singing: Hold Your Hand
Can you tell me why on Earth someone with a lisp has made it to the top 12? Can you take her singing seriously? No, this is certainly not okay. What is she wearing? Why is she yelling? No, I don't like her. Fast forwarding.

Lacey Brown, 24 - Amarillo, TX
Singing: Landslide
She looks so cute and I dig her style! She really KNOWS herself. Landslide is a really hard song to duplicate. She's not doing a good job. I'm only continuing to watch to see what the judges say. I really think this is a bomb. Could I be the only one who feels this way?
Randy thought it was terrible. Ok, point for me. Ellen thought it was terrible, too. Two points for me. Simon thought it was really depressing. Three points for me. Kara doesn't like it either. Aight. I should be a judge. Ya Outta Hea, girl!

Michelle Delamor, 22 - Miami, FL
Signing: Fallin'
Her hair is awesome. And, she carries herself well; more mature than a 22-year-old usually is. Her arrangement of this song is a little interesting. I didn't like it at first, but then slowly got into it. Her voice is good! I'm digging her.
Ellen says it was fantastic. Simon thought it was good as well, noting that she's a professional singer, but lacks a "wow" factor. Kara thought there were moments that weren't great. Actually, listening to Kara talk, the only thing I'm thinking is "I fucking miss Paula Abdul." Randy, shut up.

Didi Benami, 23 - Knoxville, TN
Singing: The Way I am
She looks and appears a little like that other American Idol chick contestants from several seasons ago - what's her name? Damnit. Anyway, this girl is INSANE. I'm AMAZED by her skills. This girl is going to be in the TOP TOP. Are you kidding? She's doing an incredible job of controlling her voice and exuding passion through it. I can't even handle it. Simon thinks she's a good singer, but too many people are trying to sound like "Duffy" and "Adele." He didn't like the song and thought it was indulgent. I'm honestly shocked. Kara likes the song, but thinks that she did a good job changing the song a bit to showcase her creativity. Randy doesn't see a "star factor." Perhaps he needs a better prescription in his glasses. Ellen wasn't into it either. Aight, whatevz. She'll pull through. I feel it.

Siobhan Magnus, 19 - Cape Cod, MA
Singing: Wiked Games.
Is this a joke? Please tell me this girl didn't really make it to the top 12. What is she wearing? Why does she look like this? GUYS I'M SERIOUS!? WHO SENT HER THROUGH? I could be up on that freakin' stage. I can't deal with this.
Kara likes her. Ok I don't even want to hear the judges. This is pissing me off. SHE WAS NOT GOOD. NOTHING ABOUT THAT WAS GOOD.

Crystal Bowersox, 24 - Bowerston OH
Singing: Hand In My Pocket
Why does she have dreads? I'm not interested in them. But I dig her style. Love the song choice for her. Love her Melissa Ethridge-vibe. I'm into this chick. She's playin the harmonica and everything! Could have done without that last harmonica chord.
Randy says she's one of his favorites. Also references Melissa Ethridge, by the way. Ellen thinks she adds something fresh to the show. Simon "it was good. we like you. like your little baby." HA. Simon thinks that if he met her IRL (in real life) he wouldn't have stopped in his tracks for her. Ultimately, he really likes her and finds her refreshing. Kara, OVER you.

Katie Stevens, 17 - Middlebury, CT
Singing: Feelin' Good
I remember this chick! She sings to her grandma. I remember loving her! I guess opinions really do form the more you know someone - this is the only chick I remember from auditions and therefore am into her. Does that make sense? In any event, even if I didn't know her - I'd love her. This is AMAZING. Are you serious? Lest we forget, she's only 17-years-old; and the power of her voice is just sensational. Plus, this song is amazing. She's winning this competition, actually. In fact, if she doesn't - she'll still be one of the success stories. I mean, as we all know, the actual winner of American Idol doesn't get jack shit. I can't wait to hear what the judges say.
Ellen thinks she has a powerful voice, but she's 17 and she was too conservative. Simon agrees with Ellen. Are they not aware that CT people are conservative? Look, she's going to take away this feedback and change her style. She'll be back here. We're not getting rid of her yet.

I'm done. Goodnight!

See you tomorrow for the men!