February 19, 2010

Some Facebook Status Updates are Worth a Mention - 102

  • no questions allowed at tiger presser... also vijay singh banned... too tempting for tiger to b around any vijay.
  • Bro just told me my dress is too short and looks like a nighty. Perfect!!! Good evening Melbourne...
  • preparing for a weekend filled with pills, purple mountains, blood, pudding and little to no pain.
  • Scott Hamilton: "Evan what are you going to now that you've won the Olympic Gold medal?" Evan: "I'm going on Dancing With The Stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
  • Pet Peeve of the day... When people speak incorrectly... I can KIND of deal with it... but there is absolutely NO EXCUSE for typing things like "dat" and "imma be" in your facebook status unless you are kidding because you are PURPOSELY being incorrect and ignorant and it really bothers me. That is all.
  • Why are many vegetarians fat? "I'm vegetarian. Let me eat a big bowl of pasta now." I don't get it.
  • It really freaks me out that every time I glance at Shaun White I think I see Carrot Top.
  • did my hair fall flat?? did i stumble on some bad lighting?
  • I'll take 'bored' for $300, Alex."