March 17, 2010

Some Facebook Status Updates are Worth a Mention - 113

  • A ninja could do his job more easily if he wore a sneaker.
  • The MTA hired workers to "watch" and count subway fare beaters. How about hiring police to apprehend fare beaters and provide security to subway users???
  • loves that if you rearrange the letters in Justin Timberlake's name, you get, "Im a Jerk But Listen"
  • Why are photographers who make a living doing weddings and baby feet generally so annoying? I'm sorry you didn't get that Nat Geo job.
  • if i erase texts from the night before, they never happened OK?
  • Like the phrase “spring chicken," the word “morale” is used almost exclusively in context of its absence. You never look at a hot young person and sort of elbow a co-worker in the ribs and say, “Check out that spring chicken;” rather, you only break it out when you’re describing your great aunt or some frumpy office “She’s no spring chicken.” Same applies to morale. “How’s morale?” At an all-time low, thanks.
  • What I'm NOT looking forward to is the train ride home, packed with drunks and people vomiting on the seats.
  • this time last year I was in Dublin celebrating, this year I'm at work. good times!
  • wishes her ex-bf's ex-gf would stop friend requesting her on FB.
  • Dear Jameson...I look forward to spending my St. Patrick's Day with you tomorrow. xoxo
  • guy in story about jumping turnstiles not only gave his name and age, but let the photographer take a picture of him showing his technique along with the quote saying "I do it all the time." Dude - you deserve to get your turnstile-jumping ass busted. PS - HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY!
  • Happy St. Patty's Day! Or as I like to call it, "Day Before Green Poop Day."
  • I'm not wearing any green at work but I am completely drunk. Happy St. Patricks Day!