April 15, 2010

NJ vs. FL Round 2

On our road trip down here, my boyfriend and I stopped in Savannah, GA for the night. Though it was already dark out by the time we got there, I still very much enjoyed the historical vibe, the architecture and of course, the people watching.

After a really amazing dinner, we walked along the water downtown and I was SHOCKED to see the type of people frequenting the streets. There was an acapella group singing "My Girl," on one side of the street, while a group of guys spent their evening break dancing for a bit of money caish caish. That's all well and good - people in NYC do the same thing in the subways and in Times Square. But the further down we walked, the more I got excited at the nearing sound of a banjo.

"Hillbillies" is not even the word to describe this "band." Alex understands my obsession with new breeds of people and offered to take my picture with them. Inexplicably shy at the time, I declined and he stepped up to the plate.

After being enamored with my man, the SavannaHillbilies decided that we (and four other couples surrounding them) needed to do a little dance. So, ten of us got together and learned how to dance what's called the Virginia Reel, made popular by the movie Gone With The Wind.

Just so that you get an idea of WHAT went down, here's an example of the dance. The head couple keeps changing, so the entire process to "finish" the dance takes quite some time. The SavannaHillbillies played "She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain" on REPEAT until we were all finished dancing. Needless to say, I couldn't get the song out of my head for days.

Yea - that really happened. If you haven't already seen my picture with the Leader of the Band, here it is -- me and my man, H.Billy:

Over and Out.