May 14, 2010

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth A Mention: 119

Elie Malone Retirement can be lucrative: “An 87-year-old Florida woman was busted yesterday for selling crack cocaine to undercover cops.” Since even a short jail sentence can be for life, shouldn't it be considered cruel and unusual punishment? :)

Todd Charity sometimes its like the shuffle feature doesnt even know me, today it was like weve been soulmates our entire lives.......ready to seize the day!!!!!!

Sabrina Eldredge cleaned off the desk and now has no more excuses. oh wait, bad lighting and horrible glare in this room - looks like i still can't get started.

Skeery Jones Oh no Cavs! You might say this is ludacris but you're only gonna break break break break break my heart.

Lauryn Kahn It's nice to smile at strangers. But not for too long, while you're staring at them. That's creepy.

Mark Marino Oh no. Julianne Moore back on 30 Rock. Return of the annoying accent.

Doug Budin "It's not even funny" seems to always refer to something that wouldn't be funny under any circumstances.

Chris Kooluris I'm offering $10 for any photo that has Alan Danzis and Katharine Ricci embracing...once a superfluous amount existed, now they are virtually extinct...if you find one, please email me at:

Valerie Nome Kimora Lee Simmons is never "late," only "delayed." I like it.

Brian John Kniffel Cookie Crisp, man...NO other cereal tastes like this

Pete Duca Jack Daniels and Jameson cured my cold... Screw Airborne!

John Skelton And In Addition......if people wanna know WHY I have a clear bubble umbrella, it's because I need to see the lightning before it hits me.....duh.

Kevin Devine cougar hunting on ridgewood ave