May 17, 2010

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth A Mention: 120


Lauryn Kahn feels like if Janie's got a gun, we should probably call the police and not be singing about it.


Anna Battiloro I have road rage because people are stupid and annoying.


Kevin Devine risks his rife everyday driving through fort ree


Alison McGlone "McGlone your stories make me want to run away from New York City" - Christina Graham


Page Jeter Highlight: 'Party in the USA' is on. Miley is right next to me dancing & singing. I love LA.


Stephanie Moran Had a bangin ass weekend...oN aNoThEr


Zhanna Zonis works with people who own boats... The only boat *I* own belongs to Yosik and fits in our bathtub... I believe we may need to start catching up to my co-workers Mr. Zonis - I'm seriously running out of lunch-time conversation topics here!


Stephanie Moran Itz soo hilarious dat bitches want to wear da pants in da relationship...I'm just smfh...let a nigga be a nigga n stop being da nigga in da relationship..( Ooh but den again u look like a nigga )...llmmaaoo


Christina DePiero Francica Our LIVE BUTTERFLY GARDEN just arrived. Why did I ever order this thing??? It's so gross!


Stephanie Moran I'm done dealin wit lil ass girls..u aint worth take ur ass to maury n find out who ur reall babydaddy is bitch..