June 3, 2010

Did Your Senior Prom Look Like This?


Ah, prom.  How I loved prom.  Junior prom with Harold Vogel when I was a sophomore.  My junior prom with Matt Percelli of Glen Rock, who conveniently forgot to get me a corsage (meathead).  And of course, Billy Lynn, #11 Fair Lawn All Sports for our Senior Prom.  Memories.  So many great memories. 

But not everyone has a prom like Fair Lawn, NJ.  Oh no.  There are proms all over the country.  Let’s focus on Philadelphia, PA, shall we?  The following are ACTUAL pictures taken by a teacher (whose name will stay anonymous) of a Philadelphia High School.  Enjoy.  [click pictures to enlarge]

IMG_2697 IMG_2699  IMG_2725 






IMG_2649 IMG_2656


IMG_2679 IMG_2580

IMG_2589 IMG_2594


IMG_2580   IMG_2612

**I’d like to thank Tara Pavon for bringing this into my life**