June 8, 2010

Sircle It – A new social tool


Watch this video for a tutorial:

I think this is a really great resource for everyone!

SircleIt is a web based social application for anyone who faces daily problems and questions.
Whether the issue is personal, social or professional, SircleIt directs them to the right "circle" of responders.
The appropriate responders are assembled from people that share a social or professional profile (the "social graph") and who have an incentive and the ability to help or advise their peers with their skills and knowledge.
SircleIt comes with complimentary features from the social networking world, providing an easy graphical application for its use.

How do I get started?

Go to www.SircleIt.com and click "Connect with Facebook". When you log in to your Facebook account it will allow SircleIt to connect you with your existing friends, categorize them using our special unique algorithm into sircles and therefore offer you a better start to get answers to your problems and dilemmas.

DO IT.  Do it now!