June 24, 2010

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention: 143


Dara Gross gave serious consideration to "accidentally" whacking the guy next to me on the head with my bag on the shuttle this morning for not getting up (and barely turning) to let me out of the seat at my stop.

Colleen Graham How not to get a job: A phone message " I was wondering if I could be a receptionist or something at your studio."

Andrew Goldstein Happy 33rd birthday to Jason Mraz. Or should I say, Mrazel Tov.

Joey-lyn Addesa I've never been on a flight where turbulence made people cry. this will be my last xanax free plane ride.

Michelle Burgos Weintraub might need the jaws of life to get out of her Spanx later.

Nicole Seidenstock How is it possible that someone who starts a sentence like, "mines isn't working", make more money than I do?!
Please help me understand....?!

Anthony Crupi NYC weather math: Take the temperature (in degrees Fahrenheit), multiply by the relative humidity, and you'll get the number of people who will mention either one of them to you in the course of the day.

Justin Misenas Rivera Whatever, I just ate my turkey sandwich with relish mayo on whole wheat bread and american cheese at 10AM, whatever, I do what I want..

Suzanne Lyons Congrats to the one and only Erica Saviano on her promotion to VIce President!!!!

Joey-lyn Addesa to the drunk guy who thought my room was his and banged on the door/tried to use the key/jimmy the lock...thank you for taking 5 years off my life.

Justin Misenas Rivera "Heads up BFFs.. it's open season on liars and I'm in a hunting mood."

Tyler DeAngelo Late Breaking News that is irrelevant unless you are me: I left my god damn keys is a cab and have no way to get into my apartment and the wife won't be home to bail me out for quite sometime. Stay tuned for up-to-the-min developments on this uninteresting story

John Skelton I need the entire world to know that Zlata Faerman is the funniest person I've ever met in my life. I can't. Please read her blog if it's the last thing you ever do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John Skelton Me to my barber: "Hey...is this Rudy?" "Speaking..." "Are you really busy today?".."Very."...."Okay well I don't care. I need you. See you when I get there...."....CLICK.