July 14, 2010

Piers Morgan to take over Larry King?

According to the NY Post, Piers Morgan is the #1 candidate for taking over the spot of Larry King.  Personally, I think Larry King should stay put since afterall, the show is called “Larry King Live” and has a very nice ring to it.  I don’t think “Piers Morgan Live” makes my heart flutter as much and CNN is probably going to have to change the name of the show altogether.  But, I digress.

Piers Morgan is a former tabloid editor and host of a primetime interview show in Britain.  Should he receive the coveted CNN position, he’ll be making $6-8 million a year over the next three years.

I’m not particularly interested in watching an American nightly live show hosted by a man with a British accent.  No, offense.  I’m not into this new host.  I’m just not.

Larry King, who is earning about $10 million a year for completely fucking up everyone’s name and occupation (I mean, do you guys watch the show?), is due to step down in November.

C'est la vie.