July 12, 2010

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention: 146


Chris Morran is thinking of becoming a dad. If any parents out there have advice on a good place in the NYC area (preferably not in NJ) to buy or rent-to-own one, I'd appreciate it. No redheads.

Zhanna Zonis Dear co-worker X – why must you stand up and pace across your cube like an angry tiger in a Zoo every time you get on a conference call? I find it distracting and weird and have no idea how to tell you this, other than to post it on Facebook in hopes that someone else will…

Patrick Carone It took me 20 years, but just realized that George Michael's "Freedom '90" has the "90" in there so it wouldn't be confused with the Wham! song "Freedom." It all makes sense now!

Jack Curley has a second job as a stripper for children's birthday parties

Ben Schwartz Dear college students, there is only a 2 year span where owning a beer koozie is considered cool. Cherish those years.

Josh Beckerman If the Orange is called an Orange, why didn't they call the Apple a Red, a Lemon a Yellow, and a Banana a Yellow Penis? Weird.

Kelly Killoren Bensimon ran 5 miles today in Ct at mohegan. very excited  (GOOD FOR YOU???)

Joey-lyn Addesa wonders if they make Ed Hardy leg casts.