August 14, 2010

Child Plays Dead on Google Maps

I know this story is two days old, but it's just too good not to write about - just in case you haven't yet heard.

Azura Beebeejuan, 10, can be seen on Google Maps Street View as playing dead in the gutter on a street in Worcester, England.  I'm not sure why this little girl decided to take off her shoes and lay on the side of the street for shits and giggles, but apparently it was just for fun.  I usually found that playing with Barbie was enough entertainment for me.  But on that day, Google snapped a picture of that particular street at that particular moment for their sophisticated "street view" technology.

Residents of Middle Road in Wocester, England were quite disturbed and contacted the authorities.  I'm not sure how police figured it was Miss Beebeejuan, but they did - and she's alive and well.

To see what I'm talking about - click HERE!

Crazy shit, no?