August 3, 2010

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention: 155

Chris Morran wishes Favre would do everyone a faver and just retire already

Andrew Goldstein Favre retiring from Vikes. That's like Deja Favru

Ben Schwartz Until I hear Favre say the words "I swear" or "no backsies" I won't believe he's retiring.

Crystal Edwards Woman in the doctors office asked where the smoking section of the waiting room is...really?

Brad Balfour wonders how he can backup his entire FB histo

Jack Curley is making snide remarks for Snark Week.

Suzanne Lyons Dear Lady in the elevator at 8:10am this morning. That creepy hair scrunchy you had your ponytail in? Very weird and not even the right color of your hair. That is all.

Zhanna Zonis I don't care how "nice" someone is... If they are also STUPID - I can't deal with them!

Christine Kostka is always amazed by guests at a restaurant - if you are a man with a giant package, that is great for you. as your waitress, i don't want to see your gigantic member hanging halfway down your leg because you think it's cool to wear white pants that are 3 sizes too small. please people - have someone you love approve your outfits before leaving the house!!!

Leo Czekalski I think I would have better luck trying to communicate w Helen Keller.

Colleen Krenzer Just had first London bagel...and fairly certain that I also had my last London bagel. Essa, see you in October.