August 4, 2010

Thanks for eating my big toe, Rover

This one is for the books, people.  I mean, this news is just beyond.  A man by the name of Jerry Douthett had a very infected big toe.  Stubbornly, he would not get it examined.  Then one night, JD gets wasted off of beers and margaritas and passes out.  His pooch, Kiko, joins him in the sack and EATS HIS BIG TOE. Ok?  Is that not the weirdest shit you’ve ever heard?  Why didn’t JD wake up, first of all?  Second of all, I’m pretty sure I don’t ever want to sleep with a dog again.  Like, what do you mean he ATE HIS BIG TOE????

Anyway, Kiko apparently saved JD’s life.   People be crazy.