September 29, 2010

Fair Lawn, NJ – watch out for rabies!

Oh, Fair Lawn – how I love thee!  The Fair Lawn Health Officer urges residents to be cautious and back away when encountering a wild animal.  Um, really?  No – I thought if I saw a wild animal on the street, maybe I’d go up to them and ask them how they’re day is going.  Apparently, within the last few weeks, Fair Lawn Animal Control picked up three raccoons that tested positive for rabies.  So, if you’ve had contact with a raccoon – maybe took it out to lunch and to see a movie, you’re urged to contact the Fair Lawn Health Department.

“Anyone who sees an animal that is aggressive, or has difficulty walking, slow, staggering, unstable gait, paralysis or stumbles and falls over a lot, and it is after regular business hours, call the Fair Lawn Police Department immediately at 201-796-1400 and report the location of the animal. During regular business hours, call the Fair Lawn Health Department at 201-794-5327 who dispatches the animal control officer to pick up the sick animal.”

I guess it’s true what they say – it’s like a jungle out there!  Be careful!