September 29, 2010

Rutgers student filmed having sex commits suicide


A student at my alma mater, Rutgers University, was secretly filmed while having sex by two other students who then posted the images on the internet.  The victim, sadly, has committed suicide.

HIS car was found with his cell phone and computer near the GWB – and he’s not being named at this time.  The Prosecutor's Office has charged Harun Ravi and Molly Wei with invation of privacy for allegedly placing a cameras in teh 18-year-old’s dorm room, where two encounters were taped.

I have some thoughts here: 1. Why did the boy commit suicide over this?  Don’t men usually thrive on the pride of their conquests?  2. I cannot BELIEVE the Jersey accents in the below video.  3.  I miss college  4.  I’m sad for the boy’s parents, family and friends.  My thoughts are with them at this time.