September 21, 2010

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention

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Donna Hanover hasn't posted any client gems in a little while, but just got one today: On receiving a beautifully designed presentation, he complained: "This presentation isn't about design-- it's about creativity."

Lauryn Kahn I love me an overcast day in LA. I hope it stays this way! It's so fun and gray....yay. Ok the rhyming is getting out of hand.

Christina Della Pesca-Palmieri can I drink in the Pre K bathroom?

Jim Shi Dan Humphrey's dad on Gossip Girl is trying on suede ankle boots next to me at Hermes sample sale.

Arlene Altschuler after this morning, im a firm believer that anyone who loves nyc should really get a mental exam. ugh.

Blayke Scheer does anyone else have a dance party in their car while driving to work every morning?

Anthony Crupi Was just named office fire warden. Finally going to get some hero-quality ass around here

Andrew Goldstein Just read Richard Branson is launching Virgin Hotels... which will be the complete opposite of "Hilton" Hotels.



Evan Goldstein On lunch break at work and just had a homade sald for lunch, so tempted to go deer hunting so I can be full.