September 28, 2010

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth A Mention

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Ryan Sullivan does anyone know what its like to be real anymore?

Brianne Bartlett DeLucca I'll make it back in time IF it starts to rain I thought to myself as I headed out with Duke. The walk turned into a run as the winds picked up to gale force and the rain came down in buckets-as I run a block home with Duke pulling me like a thoroughbred steed in flip flops, dodging overturned recyclying bins. The Kicker? My BB got SOAKED and now I must follow the advice I gave to Danielle Theresa today.

Nick Ragone Frankie: "The tooth fairy gave me $2 - is that enough for a DS game" ... Me: "No, I think you need $30" ... Frankie: "Do i have 30 teeth?" .... Me: "Maybe we should find another way to make money" ... Frankie: "Does Mona have 30 teeth" ... look out Warren Buffet

Sara Jo just sent someone an email about a "type-o" rather than a "typo" and feels foolish.

Lauryn Kahn Man, it'd be so cool if it was like 107 degrees today and the central air in my room was broken...oh wait, it totally is!

Kevin Devine james cameron predicted the future in 1982 with The Terminator, and since technology is too much for me I will be deleting facebook, so if you want me to have your info message me, if not peace

Lauryn Kahn The more you know who you are and what you want, the less you let things upset you...

Tai Page Cheap people make me sick ugh

Brian John Kniffel ‎"You can't embarrass the House of Representatives. They're the Andy Dick of our government." -Jon Stewart

Darryl Gudmundson just met someone with a dollar sign in their name. totally normal

Zlata Faerman Here's how stupid people are. I had someone contact me regarding one of my clients for a marketing integration. Fine. She wanted to email me some information. Fine. I spelled out my name several times to her and told her my email is Fine. Since you know that's my first name AND my email address, why on EARTH would you start the email with "Hi Dolata, it was a pleasure speaking with you today..."