October 21, 2010

Altruistic people DO exist! Anonymous $10k donation to 9/11 memorial

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Officials at he September 11 memorial preview site were shocked on Tuesday night, when they opened up one of the donation boxes and found 99 100-dollar bills and five 20s: new, neat and crisp.  For those of you who are bad at math as I, that’s $10,000!

Someone out there walked the streets of NYC last night with $10,000 of unfolded bills and slipped them into the box – without any recognition, or even a receipt for tax deduction.

HEARTFELT: Officials were flabbergasted when a drop-box (above) at the 9/11 memorial preview site was stuffed with an anonymous $10,000 donation.

The donation isn’t the largest for the memorial fundraising effort, which has accumulated $370 million dollars to date.  However, this donation – the cash with no one taking credit – is quite unusual.

Apparently, memorial officials checked surveillance tapes, but they just can’t tell who made the donation.  Of course, they’d love to know so they can say thank you.

What do you think of THAT, people?!