October 12, 2010

If you blink, you might miss a link!

Between Facebook and Twitter, there are SO SO SO MANY links that are being passed around and shared.  If you’re not constantly staring at your Facebook newsfeed or reloading Tweets, you may just miss some important sharing and “liking” that’s going on.  Enter: FriendShuffle

FriendShuffle.com allows you to randomly shuffle through links liked and shared by your Facebook and Twitter friends.  Hitting “I like it too!” will repost to your Facebook/Twitter pages as a way of further sharing. 

Everytime you click Shuffle, you’re taken to a new webpage that shows which one of your friends liked/shared the link and how long ago they shared it.  Basically this program is like StumbleUpon, but with your OWN social media network.

Pretty great!