October 29, 2010

Justin Bieber Debuting Music Video During Game 3 of World Series. Zlata Asks, “Why?!?”

This Justin Bieber thing has REALLY gone too far.  I honestly CANNOT understand what all the commotion is about with him.  He’s pre-pubescent, not cute and highly irritating.  As if constantly changing the radio station wasn’t bad enough, Bieber Fever is now taking over the World Series?! 

Major League Baseball says that Justin Bieber will debut the music video for his song “Never Say Never” on Saturday during Game 3’s pre-show. Can someone just explain to me how that’s even a good fit?   Think about it.  This isn’t a Dora the Explorer Marathon.  This is a BASEBALL game, of which a bunch of beer slugging testosterone-infused men are the main spectators.  Why OH WHY would Justin Bieber launch his new music video at that time slot?

The 16-year-old jerk off sports gear from both Texas Rangers and San Francisco Giants in his new video and it was shot at Angels Stadium.  The song is on this “pop star’s” new acoustic CD, due out on Nov. 23rd.